Beauty Technology – GloPro Microneedling

Beauty Technology – GloPro Microneedling


Beauty Technology – GloPro Microneedling…Thankfully it is no longer only available at your dermatologist. Now you can incorporate it into your at-home skincare routine.

Microneedling is a great anti-aging procedure as it produces much-needed collagen. It also allows your favorite cream or serum to reach a deeper part of your skin and give you the most benefit of your products. As long as it is applied within 5 minutes of using the GloPro Microneedling.

Yes, they are pricy but I find that they do last a long time and they really work! I recently found the BeautyBio GloPro Microneedling set for $169.95 when it usually sells for $309. Click below to see all the options available.






I recently purchased this GloPro Microneedling package and I am so happy with the results, and it has only been a few weeks. The award-winning GloPRO Microneedling Tool is for clinically proven firmer, smoother skin. I use this 3 days a week before bed. The needles are tiny so I assure you that it doesn’t hurt at all, it leaves my skin just a bit red. The next day, my skin is luminous and full.

How to Use –

For best results use the GloPro Microneedling tool at least 3 days a week.

In the AM:
-Gently massage The Balance over damp face, rinse with warm water.
-After cleansing, apply The Daily (or your favorite product) to the entire face.
-After serum, evenly apply The Ultimate (or your favorite product) to face.

In the PM:
-After cleansing with The Balance, swipe a Prep Pad across the face.
-GloPRO entire face for 60 seconds total.
-After using GloPRO, apply The Nightly (or your favorite product) to the entire face.
-After serum, evenly apply The Quench (or your favorite product) to face.

Check out my Instagram to see the first time I used my GloPro Microneedling tool.


While BeautyBio offers their own skincare formulas to go along with the Microneedling tool, the sample products I received in the kit were dried up so I was not able to try them. Instead, I continue using my normal Vintners Daughter serum and Augustinus Bader Rich Cream  Both products are amazing with or without the GloPro Microneedling!

Do you have any favorite beauty technology or beauty products to share? Let me know! I am always on the lookout!

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