Pastel Ombre Nails

Pastel Ombre Nails


Pastel ombre nails are my new favorite nail look and I can not believe that this is something that can be accomplished at home! My daughter and I spent some time looking into a variety of YouTube tutorials. There are actually quite a few techniques so check them out here.


What you need for Pastel Ombre Nails –

  1. Liquid Nail Barrier – I had no idea this product existed until I saw it on Youtube and have to admit I am hooked now. I used this one from Amazon with great success. I also tried the sticker versions, unfortunately, they did not work very well.
  2. Makeup Wedges – Not just used for applying makeup anymore
  3. Essie Nail Polish Colors – Essie was kind enough to send over some of their new colors for us to try. I’ve linked a few Essie packs that have good ombre color combinations.
    1. Essie Hola Bonita Set
    2. Essie Tea Time Set
    3. Essie Pinky Promise Set


With Pastel Ombre Nails, your base is usually a white polish or the lightest color you plan to use. A white polish will make the color pop more, but using the lightest of your ombre polishes can give a softer effect. Play around with different colors, it may take a few tests to find the right color combination.




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