At Home Haircut

At Home Haircut


The at home haircut is becoming more and more of a necessity now that we are in lockdown.  My husband Dean is the first one to be in need of my at home haircut. Thankfully youtube has plenty of different videos to guide you through the process. We watched the video below by Tips for Clips to get some of the basics down before I try this for the first time.

At Home Haircut Before Images –


At Home Haircut Process –

Step 1 – Set up shop –

Thankfully we set up shop outside on the patio, even though his hair is short, we end up with hair everywhere! If you end up having to get or give an at home haircut, I would recommend a tarp on the ground, a towel around the person getting the haircut, and something for the person giving the haircut to wear. It gets everywhere!

Step 2 – Use Clippers not Scissors

I ended up using Dean’s beard trimmer for most of his haircut. I felt much more comfortable using the beard trimmer than scissors because the trimmers have a safe number guide. I started on the number 7 since his hairdresser usually uses a 2 or 3 for his normal haircuts. I start with the bottom half of his hair and take most of the volume out using a number 7 comb. Now that I am feeling a bit more sure of myself,  I do the same lower portion with the number 3 to make the length even shorter. To clean his neck and around his ears, I use the number 2 comb.

With the lower part of his hair done, it is time to work on the upper part. I am super nervous about this portion so just to be safe, I start with the number 21 comb. This will cut the least amount of hair. I can always go back a cut again with a shorter comb if I need to. Thankfully, I end up finding that it gets most of the volume out of the top part of his hair.

Step 3 – Blending –

The trickiest part of the entire out home haircut is blending the longer top part of the hair to the very short sides and bottom part of the hair. To do this, I use the number 5 comb and very slowly trim along the line so the hair blends nicely.

Step 4 – The Front –

I leave the front part of his hair as my last step. To me, this is the most critical part since I can do the most harm. I originally thought to use the scissors but end up using the trimmers since I am now much more comfortable with them. I start with the number 21 again and focus on taking the volume out. I don’t worry about cutting the length. Once the volume is gone, I use the scissors very sparingly to trim just a bit. Not bad for the first at home haircut!!!!

So check out my video of my first at home haircut and my tips below…


My Tips –

  1. Prep your station with a tarp on the ground
  2. A towel around the person getting the haircut
  3. Something for the person giving the haircut to wear. It gets everywhere!
  4. Clippers – I used these Braun Clippers that have up to 25 comb lengths
  5. Focus on removing volume not so much on the length
  6. And remember, it will always grow back if something goes really wrong LOL!

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