The Ultima Dress Just Figured Out How to Help a Busy Girl Out

The Ultima Dress Just Figured Out How to Help a Busy Girl Out


For all of us trying to make our life a bit less complicated, the Ultima dress just figured out how to help a busy girl out by creating a beautiful dress that is 3 different styles all in 1.  Yes, that’s right…1 dress that you can wear to work, travel and go out….

Lately, I hear an old Greek saying in my head every time I go to purchase something  Λίγα και καλά”… this translates to “few and good” In other words buy few items but good quality items so they last. I have to admit this affects the way I shop now. I feel like I am not the only one who is changing their mentality on how they shop. More and more women I speak with are unhappy with what is out in stores and I think it may be because there is just more of the same. No one wants to deal with “stuff”, our closets are already too full and no “joy is sparked” a la Marie Kondo. There is a change happening in fashion and I feel like it will improve our lifestyle. Cue the Ultima dress and all of the joy it sparks.


The Ultima Facts –


What is the Ultima dress all about?  It is the low-maintenance way to handle your busy life journey.

Water-resistant exterior – because bad weather shouldn’t stop you from reaching goals

Wrinkle-free – so you can always look put-together even after a long flight

Stain-resistant – as you go through the day juggling countless tasks

Soft breathable fabric – to provide comfort while you are doing all of the above

Fold into a small pouch – because it’s the only dress you need in your carry-on


    • 100% polyester outer, stretchy polyester lining
    • Detachable jersey sleeves
    • 3 lengths: maxi, middle and mini
    • Folding hoodie
    • Dry clean or hand wash
    • Sizes XXS to XL
    • Made in the USA


The Ultima Look

Dress it up –


Pair it with a sleek set of black heels to get a sophisticated look. Perfect for a night out.


– Dress it Down –


Style it with your favorite Fite Linen T-shirt, and Frame Jeans and you have a sporty chic look for running around.


– Unzip Tip –


Too hot??? Just unzip the sleeves and voila a whole new dress


I can honestly say I do not own something so cool and versatile! This will be my go-to travel jacket all year long!

Thank you, Team Ultima for creating such a well thought out product for all of us busy women who still want to look good!

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