Museum Of Ice Cream

Museum Of Ice Cream


My daughter’s only request for Spring Break is to go to the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. As an ice cream lover myself, who am I to say no.

With tickets selling out at a rapid pace, You can’t just walk into the experience. You must book your tickets online well in advance!!

I do a bit of research online and find a plethora of cute and colorful instagram photos.  I am still curious on what we will learn throughout our tour.

Will we learn about the history of ice cream?

The future of ice cream? Ice cream’s biggest accomplishments?

All I can say is that as much as I love to visit traditional museums, this Museum of Ice Cream is more about what you learn about yourself rather than about the art on the walls or sculptures in the garden.

Continue on below to see us making our way through the Museum of Ice Cream, from sampling “ice cream” flavors to sliding into sprinkles to riding on unicorns in a rainbow filled room..the entire experience is incredibly fun and delightful for all of us kids at heart!

Chrisa Pappas visits the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco with her daughter.


The first thing you notice when you walk up to The Museum of Ice Cream building is the architecture. The building is beautiful old bank, but I remember it as an Armani Exchange Boutique back in the late 90s. This cool spot just got cooler! 

The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco.

Beautiful ornate columns in the Museum of Ice Cream building in San Francisco.

Slide vs. Climb:

Most of the museum is actually below the main floor so the first question the bubbly Museum of Ice Cream curator will ask is “are you a slide person or a stair person”

 Of course we choose the slide….

There are tons of fun things to do for those who are young or young at heart in the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco!

Dessert of my Dreams:

We are off to a fun start! Next, the next museum curator hands us something that has me literally jumping for joy, the dessert of my dreams…. A Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich! 

Of course, there are sweets to eat! Here is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich that is to die for!

50’s Doo Wop:

The curator leads us into our first room, it’s a time warp back to the 50’s, back to Mary’s diner. Everything is pink, pink, pink!!! From the juke box to the telephone to the servers uniform…the whole diner is a blast from the past, where the fries are cookies and the ketchup is ice cream. Yum!!!

Magnet Graffiti Room:

The next room, which we like to call the “magnet graffiti room” is a lesson in self expression. Bright pink, green and blue fortune cookies fill the center of the room and playful cloud pendents hang from the ceiling. The pink and white letter flooring plays off the letter magnet walls . We join in the fun and think of what message we want to leave behind! 

Hallway of High Fives:

The hallway of high fives cheers us into the next room!

Heavenly Merry Go Round:

Hop on.. we get to ride one of my favorite past time snacks… Circus Animal Cookies!

Merry-Go-Round shaped like frosted animal crackers with sprinkles on top at the Museum of Ice Cream!

Unicorns like Ice Cream too:

Every room keeps getting more magical! 

A magical unicorn at the Museum of Ice Cream - perfect for a photo op!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:

Sparkle Sparkle in the mini mosaic tile room

Chrisa Pappas having fun in the mirrored tile room at the Museum of Ice Cream.

Cotton Candy Jungle:

Next we jump into the jungle for our next sweet treat…. Cotton Candy!

Cotton Candy machine at the Museum of Ice Cream.

Diving In:

And now we slide into the Sprinkle Swimming Pool!

Slide into the Insta-famous sprinkles swimming pool at the Museum of Ice Cream!




Chrisa Pappas dips her feet in the sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream.

We swim in the sprinkles, bury each other in the sprinkles and take our fair share of pictures!

Don’t forget to look up, even the hanging lights look like colorful sprinkles!

The lighting in the Museum of Ice Cream is perfect for the theme!

Take Some Sweetness Home:

The cafe 1905C and gift shop is also a must! We order the pink hot chocolate and plenty of memorabilia to take a bit of the Museum on Ice Cream home with us. Our favorites…the super soft sweatshirt and Sephora make up brushes with sprinkles in the handles!


The Museum of Ice Cream is a must see! Make sure you are ready to have fun because the Museum of Ice Cream is an amazing experience for all!


  • Book online in advance
  • Look cute because you will take awesome picture but wear comfy clothes and shoes
  • Fully charge up your phone or camera
  • Be ready to find sprinkles in your pockets for days
  • Skip the cafe 1905C drinks, not the tastiest, stick to ice cream
  • The pink sweatshirt is super soft and is now my daughters favorite!


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