Preview Gala: FOG Art Fair 2019

Preview Gala: FOG Art Fair 2019


The winter weather is in full effect the evening of the FOG Art Fair 2019. Heavy rain and powerful winds won’t slow me down because I have the perfect outfit. 😉 My Fendi coat dress is a fitted wool plaid with pleated bottom. It has a plastic film over the majority of the coat so that the rain just bounces right off of me 😅

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 16 2019. Chrisa Pappas attends FOG Design + Art Fair 2019. Fort Mason Center in SAN FRANCISCO, CA. (Photo – Andrew Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography)

I am welcomed by color, creativity and craft cocktails as I make my way into FOG Art Fair. This is Fog Art Fair’s sixth appearance at Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture.  It is such an honor to receive an invitation to the Preview Gala by Fendi. Being able to browse the special exhibit with a very small group of people is always such a treat! I am excited to dive in and explore all of the amazing art and design brought in for this event!

As I walk down the aisles of the FOG Art Fair 2019 I notice that every booth has something different to offer. The massive space is full of art, design and furniture from 45 leading international galleries showcasing 20th century and contemporary design.  The Preview Gala is in support of San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art’s exhibitions and education programs.


Love this piece! Gold cuffs on my wall, yes please!!!


This is such an impressive piece! The metal looks like it has movement to it!


Furniture…old & new…is in full effect at the FOG Art Fair 2019!


Gorgeous mirrors from France are like jewelry for your walls!


So excited to see this huge Murakami piece!


This piece by JR is incredible! It consists of 2 pieces of glass. Etched from the back of each piece of glass is an eye of Palestinian origin. On the other piece of glass there is an eye of Israeli origin.  As you look at them head on, they create a beautiful single eye!

Along with getting to experience all of the amazing and creative pieces, it is also always fun to see good friends and catch up at the FOG Art Fair 2019! I was able to spend some time with friends Allison Speer and Kate Harbin (both in dresses by our dear friend, designer Andrew Gn) which is always a fabulous time!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 16 – Chrisa Pappas, Kate Clammer and Allison Speer attend FOG Design + Art Fair 2019 on January 16th 2019 at Fort Mason Center in SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Photo – Andrew Caulfield for Drew Altizer Photography)

Art is always around us and sometimes we don’t even realize we are using it in our own expressional ways! I am so happy I was able to celebrate the design and art culture at the FOG Art Fair 2019. I try to use art and design everyday in my every part of my world, not just when it comes to Fashion! Thank you again to Fendi😍!!!

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