Women in Tech Dinner Hosted by Elle x HP

Women in Tech Dinner Hosted by Elle x HP


Walking the CES convention floor is a wonderful experience but I can not contain my excitement and honor to attend the Women in Tech dinner hosted by Elle x HP at CES. The event is at one of my favorite restaurants, Cipriani’s at The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. We start with a social cocktail hour, where I am privileged to meet some of the most impressive women who are making an impact in the world of technology. For example, Karen Kahn, Chief Communications Officer of HP  is an expert in guiding companies and Kate Fraser, Head of Policy for Aviation at Uber (yes, flying cars are coming very soon!) is an aeronautical engineer, pilot and gorgeous! I feel humble to be part in this brilliant and fashionable group of women.

I’m sure many of you wondering why I am received an invite to the CES Dinner hosted by Elle x HP. While many of you know that my businesses focus primarily on fashion and architectural design I am also part of the financial technology company Magilla Loans. It is the first free search engine that connects borrowers and banks without requesting personal information. Simply put it is like orbitz.com for loans. A major benefit is that it puts the borrower in control of their situation. Once the borrower receives the loan offers, the borrower is the only one that can initiate a conversation with a loan officer. No unwanted phone calls, emails or text. One of the most amazing unexpected benefits of Magilla Loans is that since there is no personal information requested, the loan officer can only make their loan proposal based on the borrowers financial position, not their race, sex or appearance. It is great for businesses operated and founded by women!

The intimate group of 40 to 50 women are from all different backgrounds in tech, from Verizon, Elle, HP, Uber, Instagram and the list goes on! We receive a wonderful welcome from Karen Kahn, Chief Communications Officer, HP and Jenna Blaha, Fashion & Tech Editor, Elle. It is thrilling to learn that for the first time at CES 40% of the keynote speakers are women! There is definitely a lot to celebrate at this Women in Tech dinner hosted by Elle x HP at CES!

The discussions with all the women I meet during the evening is so fascinating and empowering. The projects these women are working on and the amazing breakthroughs in technology by these women leaves me feeling inspired and extra proud to be a woman!  

To be at the CES Dinner hosted by Elle x HP so full of intelligent and compelling women is an honor and an experience I will treasure forever! Thank you so much Elle and HP for inviting to be a part of this wonderful event!

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