CES 2019 Shows Innovative Products

CES 2019 Shows Innovative Products


It looks like CES (Consumer Electronics Showcase) has outgrown the floors of the massive 2.9 million square feet that the Las Vegas Convention Center has to offer. As my taxi pulls up to CES I am amazed to see that Google has set up a mini city outside the entry doors (little did I know that Google is all over CES). CES is one of Las Vegas’ largest conventions with almost 200,000 industry professionals. CES 2019 shows innovative products over 4 days. With more that 4,500 exhibiting companies and 1,200 startups there is so much to see and take in!!!

As I walk onto the convention floor I am fascinated by everything going on around me! Each booth is more impressive than the next. Although I am always drawn to anything that is fashion related, I can’t help but be impressed by some of the innovative products offered at CES. From an actual quadcopter to the Funai nail art printer, CES was truly amazing! The future is here and it looks a lot like Minority Report.

Techy Fashion:

Of course the purses catch my eye! Royole is a company that is applying their flexible screens to fashion products like t-shirts, hats and purses. I can not wait to see how the most innovative designers will use this new tech in their designs.

Techy Laundry:

LG is talking my language. Make laundry day faster and easier. The LG Styler is perfect for even the most elevated closet! It is a wifi enabled device that refreshes garments in no time. Since, CES 2019 shows innovative products … if only LG could create an automated way to put my clothes away on a daily basis so it always looks like the closet below that would be great, thanks!


Techy Nail Art:

Not the most futuristic but definitely something I’d love to see in my nail salon is the digital nail art printer by Funai! This machine enables anyone to print a new look, design or even your logo on the go! Funai is a printer company that uses the ink jet cartridges to print the design of your choice onto your nails! You simply follow the options on the screen for the printer to create your perfect nail polish and design!

Techy Tech:

Samsung’s The Wall – At 219 inches it will fill up even the largest room. The picture   quality is truly unreal. It is aspect ratio free, so the days of the black bars are officially gone. Yeah!

My kids love their 3D printer and since CES 2019 shows innovative products, I have to check out latest and greatest to report back to them! 3D printing will change everything. No longer does BMW need to order a car part from Europe that will take months to arrive in the US. They can just 3D print it and the customer can have their car back on the road in no time!  Even more impressive is the fact that one of the companies at CES can make a prosthetic hand from a 3D printing machine! Hearing stories like this is what makes me love technology! I know we Ohhhh and Ahhhh over entertainment gadgets (Rightfully so) but it all leads to a greater world, especially when it can save or improve a life!

It is no secret that 5g is among us, but as of right now with limited specifics! We saw most carriers touch on the subject and we even saw Samsung show their 5g smartphone prototype that they plan to release this year. With future technology being connected via 5G we will all be taking care of business faster then ever!


Techy Vehicles:

CES 2019 shows innovative products so when it comes to the future of automotive technology. With so many major car companies showcasing their latest electric vehicle I am going to just leave these Porsche, Mercedes, Acura, Nissan and Ford cars here for you to enjoy!  

As I am walking through all these futuristic cars, I run into The Adonis, a smart yacht collaboration by Numarine and Furrion (one of the last things I expect to see at CES)

 and the Bell Nexus flying taxi quadcopter, I may never want to drive again!!!!

Techy Relaxation:

All of this walking has me ready for quick break and since CES 2019 shows innovative products I see  DreamWave! The latest in massage chairs. Apparently I am not alone as the line for these chairs is out the door. 

For my first time at CES, I feel like I got to see a little bit of everything, meet a lot of really great people and see how close we are to a very bright future!

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