Paris Fashion Week: Andrew Gn Takeover

Paris Fashion Week: Andrew Gn Takeover


When most think about Paris Fashion Week they think runway shows, lavish events, celebrities and new styles for the season! Everything is to perfection for the big event but many people may not realize the work that goes into making every moment perfect. Having Andrew Gn takeover my Instagram allowed me to see a different side and really understand what goes into a fashion show.


Months and months of preparation go into creating and executing a collection but days before is  when everything comes together it is the small details that matter. The day before the show Andrew Gn and his team are in their studio surrounded by mood boards and outfits where they finalize the casting and fitting of the models. They go from picking the model, pairing their outfits and accessorizing down to the color of eyeshadow and lipstick they will wear for the big day. At this time any corrections that need to be changed are changed and tweaks are made to perfect show from the walk to the placement of the accessories.


The day of the show is a full day and everything is organized backstage and ready to go. Andrew was calm and with the same sense of humor as any other day he was able to spend some time with me as well as allow me to interview him.

As I followed him through his day I was able to experience his passion for design and fashion first hand. His heartfelt collection has so much meaning and character it is hard not to love every piece.



The show was produced flawlessly leaving the audience in awe of the collection. After the show, I had the pleasure to go backstage and congratulate Andrew. His personality and collection are infectious and captivating and leave us wanting more!

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