Saks Fearless Leaders Speaker Series

Saks Fearless Leaders Speaker Series


As our host kicks off the Q & A of the first “Fearless Leaders” speakers series, she asks me the first question…“What does Fearless Fashion mean to you?” I quickly pause to reflect on my fashion filled day.


The day begins by having my makeup done by the Giorgio Armani glam squad at Saks. I am lucky enough to have Master Face Designer, Michael, who is one of only five Armani face designers in the world to achieve the Master level.  




Now it’s time to style my gorgeous model Charlotte. The 5 trends for this season are… Animal Instincts, Mad For Plaid, Suit Yourself, High Gloss and Statement Outerwear.  


As I run up and down the Saks escalators, I realize I am in heaven.. I have as the authority to pull pieces for my looks from the entire store. I see darling Dior dresses, very Valentino animal prints, cool Chanel boots, amazing Alexander McQueen power suits, glamorous Gucci gowns, elegant Christian Louboutin heels, brilliant Burberry plaid and fabulous Fendi handbags.




Once I finish selecting the pieces from the Saks floor, it is time for Charlotte try everything on. In the final moments before the show will begin, I make a few tweaks to perfect the looks. As I am enthralled in my styling I almost forget that I still have to dress myself! I am delighted to find inspiration from the High Gloss trend as I pair a beautiful shining Dior blazer with a flowing black tulle skirt and finish the look with the perfect velvet embellished heel.


It is time to enter the ballroom and start the show. We sit down in front of our guest and Megan asks her first question… “what does fearless fashion mean to you?”  I explain the role fashion has played in my life and my belief that fearless fashion is the choice to not follow a trend but be your own trend.



Our models enter the ballroom and our looks are shown in between questions as I explain why I chose to style my looks a certain way. We talk about different designers, the changing world of fashion and of course fearless fashion.  

I am so honored to be a part of such an impactful and inspiring series! Thank you Saks for inviting me to speak and hosting such an amazing event. I leave feeling so inspired that I am indulging in some fearless fashion at today ;).

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