Saks: Behind The Scenes

Saks: Behind The Scenes


As I walk through the streets of Chelsea to Milk Studios, I gaze up at the industrial skyline and start to smile. I have been invited to be the behind the scenes instagrammer for the The Saks Fifth Avenue 2018 Fall Ad Campaign. The one that goes in the September issue of Vogue and takes no less than 6 full pages of the iconic magazine. As I walk inside, I try to be cool but I can not contain my excitement!

The artistic driven space is filled with flashes and fashion coming from various rooms as I make my way up to the  Saks 5th Avenue photo shoot space. We are welcomed by Roopal Patel, SVP, Fashion Director at Saks 5th Avenue, Tim Hemmeter, Senior Director of Art, Photography and Media at Saks, and Mariel Kriss Sholem, Director of Client Experience at Saks 5th Avenue, who give me the lay of the land.

There is so much thought and placement for the fall campaign that Saks needs 2 floors of studios. The top floor consists of an indoor photoshoot area and an amazing rooftop patio with a view of the Hudson!

During the photo shoot I have access to all photo sets as well as the 2018 Fall Collection that has been curated by Saks for this campaign!  The collections that are being shot are from the 2018 Fall runway shows that were shown this past February and March. It is fascinating to think of the timeline of fashion. The whole process beginning with designing a new collection to advertising to finally selling that collection on the store floor can take 6 to 9 months. The process is exciting and intense!!!

Many of the items are pieces that I remember seeing while at Paris Fashion Week in March. It is such a thrill to see them off the runway and in the real! I must say playing dress up in designers like Valentino, Fendi and Prada is the adult version of a child dressing up as Cinderella. I even took a shot at modeling when the sets were clear!

I can not wait to show them to you once the Saks campaign launches in September/October. Have to keep them a secret for now 😉

Being behind the scenes of the Saks 5th Avenue Fall Campaign allowed me to see and experience another part of the process and what goes into making fashion. My passion for design and style is at an all-time high as I see the pieces I love come to life. In September when the campaigns are launched I know they will have a different meaning to me as I now have lived one more piece of this world of fashion I love so much!

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