Americana Manhasset Takeover

Americana Manhasset Takeover


WOW! Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dior Oh My!


As I arrive at the Americana Manshasset Personal Shopping office I am greeted by Danielle Merollo and her Amazing team of personal shoppers. I immediately feel at home as I am escorted to my personal closet… I mean dressing suite…that they have already filled with options from all over the shopping center. This is an exquisite and rare service that makes shopping so convenient and fun that no matter how little time one has you can still enjoy the retail experience and find the perfect look!

Chrisa Pappas at Americana Manhasset in New York for a personal shopping service.


After trying on great finds we decided to venture out and explore the beautiful shopping center. One of our first stops, Hirshleifers, is a unique and rare find not only because of its 5th generation family ownership, but also because it is a one stop shop for luxury shopping. This fashion heaven opens up to a new paradise around every corner from shoes to dresses there is no way you will leave without a perfect look! Believe me I found more than a few finds myself….

Chrisa Pappas with an Americana Manhasset personal shopper at Hirshleifers in New York.


Chrisa Pappas trying shoes on at Hirshleifers in New York.


On Day 2 after countless hours of shopping we experienced another fantastic part that Americana Manhasset has to offer, the food! Our Sunshine filled lunch on the Cipollini patio was an elegant presentation of delectable cuisine with great conversation.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get sweeter, we ended our al fresco lunch experience with a Kith Treats for an ice cream surrounded by the coolest street fashions!


Chrisa Pappas with Americana Manhasset personal shoppers at lunch in New York.

Chrisa Pappas with a Kith ice cream in New York.


Our last day came to an end with a Gorgeous Farewell Celebration at Louis Vuitton which included the most stunning custom flower wall. I was embraced by Americana Personal Shoppers who shared the same love of fashion as me.  I was able to meet so many amazing fashionistas that now I consider friends.

Chrisa Pappas with Americana Manhasset personal shoppers at Louis Vuitton in New York.

As we drive off in our Tesla I know that this is not farewell but rather see you again and hopefully very soon!

Chrisa Pappas waves goodbye in a Tesla after the farewell celebration at Louis Vuitton in New York.

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