Birdies Travel to Paris Fashion Week 2018

Birdies Travel to Paris Fashion Week 2018


Have Birdies…will travel

I am so happy to partner up with Birdies and bring their amazing slippers with me to Paris Fashion Week! Haven’t heard of Birdies, well let me tell you how fantastic this slipper is. Started by two women in Northern California, Birdies was originally designed as a comfortable indoor slipper to wear around your house. Soon Birdies evolved into an elegant option for everyday wear. The adorable shape makes any outfit look sophisticated and they are literally the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on. Wearing them feels like walking on cushy pillows.

Birdies gave me a pair of black slippers with a cushy satin lining and a pair of leopard slippers with a fluffy shearling lining. Not surprisingly, I immediately thought these were the perfect shoes for travel. They are slim in style and super cushy so I can walk through airports in them for hours. Little did I know that these little shoes will be my go to for all Parisian activities.

Birdies in Paris

Perfect for travel but so much more. Waking up in Paris, the first thing I do is catch up on emails in bed. No slippers, no problem, my Birdies never left my feet!


Dressing for breakfast is easy with my Birdies…pinstripe Dior blouse, grey tulle Brunello Cucinelli skirt and black pony hair Birdies are the perfect look for an easy yet sophisticated look.


Eating in the Gallery at the Plaza Athenee with my Birdies…

Loving my outfit with my Birdies…

Wearing my Birdies to lunch at Hotel Costes and shopping at Sezane in Paris is a perfect fit!

Comfy lounging x Birdies is the best way to finish out my day!

Birdies Box are so cute!

Birdies Back Home

I wear flats on a daily basis and have never found any shoes as comfortable and easy to style as Birdies. Hope you enjoy your Birdies as much as I do!

Shop the adorable Birdies collection here

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