Paris Fashion Week – Day 2

Paris Fashion Week – Day 2

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Kicking off Paris Fashion Week with one of my absolute favorites: Christian Dior. The day started early with a cup of coffee, which had just enough time to kick in before Dior’s makeup artist arrived. With one look at my outfit for the day, he knew a purple-hued smoky eye was in order. Using all Dior makeup, he created a magical look that tied in colors of my jacket for the show (and also gave me a few great tips like: blush before powder!).

About that jacket: this particular piece was from Dior’s Cruise Collection – the Cave Drawing Coat. The markings on the coat are actual drawings done by Christian Dior, which were then turned into patches, adhered to the coat and then embellished with beads. It’s more stunning than even photos can convey and I loved talking with people inside and outside of the show about its finite details. Underneath the coat, I wore my Dior cream bar jacket with matching pants, and burgundy velvet shoes which complemented the coat and its patches.


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