Prequel : Paris Fashion Week 2018

Prequel : Paris Fashion Week 2018


Prequel: Paris Fashion Week 

We are days away from Paris Fashion Week! This year is going to be one for the record books and I can’t WAIT for you to be part of it! I am feverishly packing, preparing outfits, connecting with the houses and booking up each day with some incredible surprises! Make sure to watch my Instagram because it’s going to be wild!

I put together a little guide on what to expect from my trip, what I am packing in my Rimowa and LV luggage (weather is going to be chilly, snow is very likely!), and sneak peeks to some surprises.  

Also, I will be doing daily blog posts that recap the shows in depth, share my show and street style fashion, and it wouldn’t be a Parisian blog post without some bubbles and pastries!  

Chrisa Pappas packing and prepping for Paris Fashion Week 2018 in her home. Chrisa Pappas chooses her outfits for Paris Fashion Week 2018.Chrisa Pappas' shoe selection for Paris Fashion Week 2018.

What To Expect

  • SHOWS – I will be going to seven, yes, seven shows, with access to some backstage fun! And drum roll, I will be doing the Instagram takeover for Andrew Gn’s show on Friday, March 2nd!
  • STREET STYLES – We are going to show all my favorite looks for Spring 2018. We may be seeing the Fall 2018 shows but we are celebrating the ready-to-wear looks for Spring.
  • SHOPPING – Paris shopping is unlike anything you’ll ever imagine. Can’t wait to show you my favorite finds and my favorite people.
  • STORIES – My Instagram stories will be chock-full of real time, behind the scenes access to everything PFW.

Chrisa Pappas shoe selection for Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Must-Have Pack List

This year I am actually traveling with my photographer, Stephanie Russo, and Marketing and Partnerships consultant, Meghan Phillips. They have been asking me what are the MUST haves in their suitcases. So I put together a little list of the simple things they can’t forget.

I am actually going to be doing a lot of shopping in Paris, so my suitcase will be lighter on the way to Paris and I am sure stocked on the way home!

  • Umbrella – don’t laugh, this is seriously a must!
  • Black Trousers 
  • Birdies – they are the perfect shoes to travel to Paris in, incredibly cozy!
  • Signature Outerwear Pieces
  • Gloves
  • Simple, timeless capsule clothing 
  • Bold & Statement Accessories
  • SkinCeuticals Moisturizer

Chrisa Pappas' earrings for Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Chrisa Pappas packing skincare items for her trip to Paris Fashion Week 2018

See you in Paris!

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