How do you wear your SPF?

How do you wear your SPF?


Gone are the days of lounging in the sun with your Bain du Soleil oil. (If you’re my age, you know what that is 🙂 )  Now a days, dermatologist not only want you to use sunscreen every morning before you leave your home, but they recommend reapplying it every 3 hours, rain or shine.

As someone who loves the sun and really loves having a good tan, sunscreen wasn’t a priority. In my late twenties and early thirties, I used different sunscreens but very irregularly. I didn’t like the feel or texture of the sunscreen. I also found that many sunscreens left my face looking white and chalky. So I stopped using sunscreen all together…to the horror of my dermatologist.

A few summers ago, I was working on my tan, as usual, until I looked in the mirror and realized that my face was nicely tan but had ugly dark spots. My tan faded over the winter but the dark spots stayed. A trip to the dermatologist found that I had melasma, something you can get during pregnancy or from exposure to the sun. Well, I wasn’t pregnant, so it was definitely from the sun. After months of IPL treatments and bleaching cream, I finally started seeing the brown spots lighted. It was time to reevaluate my sunscreen priorities.

My friend and esthetician Melanie at Miss Bliss recommended I try this makeup primer that has spf in it. Here goes…

Glo-minerals tinted primer with SPF

The tinted primer comes in different shades for your skin tone.

The texture feels light and velvety.

Coverage is amazing without being too heavy. I don’t even need to use foundation for my daily makeup routine with this primer with SPF.

It’s easy to carry around and reapply throughout the day

This glo-mineral primer with spf is perfect for my everyday sunscreen needs. I find myself putting it on daily and reapplying without even thinking about it. I love the velvety texture and find that it has the perfect amount of coverage for everyday life. No more foundation for me! During the summer or when I am on a beach vacation, I up the spf to 50 with a more heavy duty sunscreen but I still keep this with me at all times.

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