Magnetic Lashes Round Two

Magnetic Lashes Round Two


Many women find that they lose their hair when they have their kids, not me, with plenty of hair to lose I never lost one strand. Instead, I lost my long and thick eyelashes. Since then I have struggled with adhesive eyelashes, eyelash lifts, and eyelash extensions. All work well but not without their own issues.

About 6 months ago, I order my first pair of Original Half Lash magnetic eyelashes from the company onetwolash. (Click here to read my original article)

It is a game changer. I fall in love with the ease and flexibility of these lashes. I can take 2 minutes to snap them on whenever I go out and quickly slide them off when I am done.

The Challenge…

OneTwoCosmetics offers a new product now…The Accent Lash. They were nice enough to send me a sample to try and review. The Challenge…I love their product but which one should you purchase? The Original Half Lash or the Accent Lash?

Let’s try them and see…

The OneTwoCosmetic packaging is awesome!

Applying them is tricky in the beginning but after 5 to 10 tries its a snap πŸ˜‰

The face you make when you get a perfect snap on the 1st try!

Sometime you need to adjust to make sure they look even.

Voila, super easy an effective!

No glue, No hours in the eyelash chair, and No trying to avoid the water in the shower πŸ˜‰

I like to add black eye liner because without it I found that the magnetic on each eyelash is too visible.


The Verdict –

I am a huge fan of onetwocosmetics.comΒ magnetic eyelashes!

I can’t imagine going back to eyelash extensions. I have to admit I prefer the Original Half Lash to the Accent Lash. While the shape of the eyelashes is perfect on The Accent Lash, the magnetic strip is too visible for me. I think if the eyelashes are thicker then that helps with covering up the magnetic strip. All in all, I love the Original Half Lash and will be ordering more in the future!

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