The Peplum Jacket          How to Wear it

The Peplum Jacket How to Wear it

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Peplum jackets have been in style for a while but I have always found them a little hard to pull off. They are not the jacket that I can just throw on with anything because of the super slim waist.  The gap that is left between my trousers/jeans and the waist of the peplum jacket makes me look frumpy and highlights an area that most women try to hide… the dreaded muffin top. Finally I found the answer…

I love this Loewe peplum jacket and after looking at it for months in my closet I was going to give up on it. I tried with my jeans, trousers even a dress. Nothing was working.

I gave it one last try, this time with my super high waisted jeans and voila…a slimming and comfortable fit.  The waist of the high waisted jeans hits my waist at the same point as the waist of the peplum jacket. This avoids that uncomfortable gap between top of jeans (low waisted) and waist of peplum jacket. Now I have a very slimming and sophisticated look.

No more muffin top! Thank goodness!

Add a thin belt to show off the waist of a peplum jacket

And wear a fun pair of earrings to add a little edge.


I like this red Fendi fringed baguette with this look. It highlights the red stipe in the jacket and makes the outfit fun and fashionable.

Can’t go wrong with black patent shoes

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