Perfectly Plastic Plaid

Perfectly Plastic Plaid


From Chanel to Burberry plastic pvc dressing is everywhere! Not just the material used for your daughters raincoats any longer. LOL! Check out this modern take on a Burberry plaid skirt. Christopher Bailey printed the classic green plaid on pvc material and added a frosty white back to make a traditional plaid skirt look more current and modern.

Check out how I paired it below…

I decided to go with a chunky black Louis Vuitton turtleneck. Since it wasn’t freezing, I didn’t need a jacket at all.

As for my handbag, I wanted to pick out the thin yellow line that was in the plaid. I grabbed my Soufre yellow Hermes Kelly Cut (a bag I usually only carry in the summer because of the color) and was good to go.

My bow belt is cute but the studs add a bit of edgy to the overall look.

These boots were great since they are edgy and cool!


Lanvin Swan earrings were the perfect addition to this outfit!

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