Chrisa’s Guide to Holiday Sale Shopping

Chrisa’s Guide to Holiday Sale Shopping

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The holidays are in full swing and so is holiday sale shopping! I wake up Thursday morning in excitement for Thanksgiving but my excitement to check out all the best deals online possibly outweighed this! Then panic set in. We are going to my in-laws for dinner and I am in charge of the salad. Yes, the salad. The easiest menu item and I still hadn’t even bought the ingredients. But how am I going to fit in my holiday sales shopping like a pro with making the salad.

What is a girl to do?

My Solution

The solution was a quick trip to our local market and grabbing a few bags of salad, pomegranate seeds, candied walnuts, and dressing.  Then I had a stroke of genius.  If I left the fixings in the grocery bag, I could bring it to my mother in laws, throw the salad together there in one of her salad bowls, and increase the amount of time for my online shopping.  Am I a terrible daughter-in-law? Or… as I would like to think… an innovator in the art of maximizing shopping time.

Regardless of your view, I want to share with you my hours of sale shopping research so that all of us girls, wives, mom’s, and shopping aficionados can share in my obsessions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Shop Holiday Sale Shopping

So, without further adieu, below is my Step by Step guide to holiday sale shopping to find the best pieces and prices…

Step 1… Go to

Step 2… Type in your favorite designer and check the “on sale” box. (I typed in Gucci since it very rarely goes on sale anymore)

Step 3… Find those unique pieces that you’ve been waiting to go on sale!

Step 4… Once I find something I love, like this Gucci Raincoat from Saks then I start looking through and add whatever else I like to my cart.

Step 5… Don’t wait too long to purchase your cart as things tend to go fast during sale time

Here are some of my favorite items I found on Thanksgiving!  They are still available today so check them out.


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– Chrisa

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