A Louis Vuitton Runway in San Francisco

A Louis Vuitton Runway in San Francisco


You can not image how thrilled I am to host an event for Louis Vuitton! I am a long time client and fan of the brands clothing line and it is such an amazing opportunity to host an event at the Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco’s Union Square! The opportunity got even better when Louis Vuitton decided to change the format of the event from a fashion presentation to a full-blown fashion show for

Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear collection !

Chrisa Pappas hosts a fashion show for Louis Vuitton in San Francisco.

Louis Vuitton – Thank you for everything!

Dressed to Thrill

I arrive at Louis Vuitton with just enough time to change into my outfit, a blue silk dress from the Fall 2017 collection, and meet the the LV executives who came in from out of town for the event. I assume that the dress is waiting for me in the dressing room. Imagine my surprise when I open the door and I am staring at an empty dressing room! Turns out, my outfit has been sent to my house and I am supposed to bring it with me. Yikes!

No need to panic though, as always my Vuitton fairy godmother, Natalia saved the day. We run around the store five minutes before the event to find an alternative outfit.  Natalia stocks the empty dressing room with 3 different outfits. I try the first one on and I love it! It is a black sleeveless vest with belt and black pants. This outfit, like so many LV items, makes me feel confident and fierce. Good things can come out of sticky situations!

Chrisa Pappas with Natalia, a Louis Vuitton representative at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in San Francisco.

Party People

One of my favorite parts of store events is working with the salespeople and event team from each boutique. It’s a huge undertaking to do what they do and they always do such a beautiful job!

Louis Vuitton sets up a DJ to spin tunes while guest enjoy amazing champagne, delicious bites and pose for photos. It is such a blast to see everyone come out and get together. Special thanks to all my friends who made it to this event during such a busy time! It even turned into a little high school reunion for my husband! (Thanks guys for coming!)

The cocktail party could have lasted hours but it was time for the main attraction – the fashion show!!!

After store director, Olivier Barre and Client Relation Manager, Natalia gave their introductions it was time for me to speak. (I’m not a huge fan of public speaking but thankfully getting more and more comfortable) I speak about the experience of being at the actually Paris Fashion Week show that was held at the Cour Marly at the Louvre and some of my favorite things about Louis Vuitton.

Chrisa Pappas hosts a fashion show for Louis Vuitton in San Francisco.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 Show

Louis Vuitton never disappoints: it’s classic but edgy, wearable but unique and I can’t get enough!

After all of us enjoyed the fashion show, guests have time to mingle and shop from the entire store. Louis Vuitton has it all… Ready to wear, shoes, bags, luggage, accessories and so much more!!!

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Photos by Agency Moanalani Jeffrey

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