Easy on the Eyes: Trying Out Magnetic Eyelashes

Easy on the Eyes: Trying Out Magnetic Eyelashes


I admit it—Facebook got me. I spotted an ad on my feed for One Two Lash, a company that makes magnetic eyelashes, and before I knew it, I was ordering a pair. Facebook knows how to get us beauty junkies!


They arrived in about a week—the same day I’d spent an hour and a half getting eyelash extensions, naturally! But knowing how much time (and how big a chunk of my wallet!) eyelash extensions take, I couldn’t wait to try out the magnetic lashes instead.

The Try-On

The first time…didn’t go so well. But just like wearing contacts, after four or five tries it got easier and easier.

To apply, you hold one piece of the magnetic eyelash under the lash line, then hold the matching piece of the magnetic eyelash above the lash line with your other hand. And voila! The magnets find each other and connect and you’re left with beautiful, fluttery lashes sans sticky fingers or dry time.


To remove them, you just slide the top magnet off the bottom magnet and your own lashes are bare and ready for bed. That’s it!

The Verdict

I love them! I don’t like wearing mascara and adhesive strip lashes are sometimes too hard and time consuming to apply—same goes for eyelash extensions—so these are perfect for when I want to get dolled up for an event but not spend too much time getting ready. (Who has hours to primp when you also have two kids?!)


I wore them to the San Francisco Opera recently (blog post coming soon!) and received tons of compliments. I don’t think I can ever go back to extensions or strip lashes. These are just too easy, too pretty and, well…magnetic!

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