Visiting (and drinking!) Champagne with Dior

Visiting (and drinking!) Champagne with Dior


What’s better than champagne in Champagne?

On July 1st, Dior treated us to a day trip to the gorgeous Champagne region of France to visit Moët & Chandon (one of the largest champagne producers in the world) and the abbey where Benedictine monk and winemaking pioneer Dom Pérignon is buried. He might sound familiar—Moët & Chandon named their prestige vintage champagne after him!

Dior invites Chrisa Pappas to champagne in Champagne, France!

A black car picked us up from our hotel along with three other couples and two Dior ambassadors and ferried us to the heliport (très chic!), but because the weather in Paris wasn’t cooperating (quelle surprise), we ended up taking a private car to Champagne and saved the helicopter for our return trip to Paris.

Chrisa Pappas stands in front of a helicopter in Paris.

After a private tour of the Benedictine abbey led by Dom Pérignon staff in Hautvillers, we enjoyed a tasting at Moët & Chandon complete with a tour of their storied underground wine cellars—the largest in Champagne and one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Dom Perignon 1998 and 2006 champagnes.

An underground wine cellar in Champagne.

Dining In Style

We refueled over a six-course meal at the stunning Le Parc, the Michelin-starred main restaurant at Domaine Lès Crayeres, a luxe hotel housed in a grand chateau. Everything was beautifully presented and paired with champagne and wine served in one-of-kind glasses made just for Le Parc.

Cuisine at Restaurant Le Parc in Champagne, France.

What I Wore

With all the walking and eating we did, I was very glad I’d chosen to don my Dior fencing boots, jeans and white Dior fencing jacket. (Aren’t those embroidered bees adorable?!)

Chrisa Pappas with her husband in Champagne, France. She is wearing an outfit by Dior - fencing boots, a fencing jacket, and a Dior bag.

The fencing boots were the perfect choice, since they kept me comfortable for a day of traipsing and traveling. And I carried my small Lady Dior bag so I wasn’t too weighed down—and so my hands could be free for champagne flutes!

Chrisa Pappas with her husband in a helicopter on their return trip back to Paris after a delightful day in Champagne.

Come back soon to check out the beautiful baubles from my private appointment at the Dior Haute Joaillerie couture salon!

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