Dior Takes Us to Versailles

Dior Takes Us to Versailles


My trip to Paris with Dior last week was such an incredible experience. Not only did we get to attend the Dior Haute Couture fashion show and Dior’s 70th Anniversary party at the Louvre, we also got to take tours of Versailles, Champagne and the Dior Haute Couture house. (Lots of blog posts to come…!)

Dior takes Chrisa Pappas on a grand tour of Versailles, France.

Allons-y à Versailles! (Let’s go to Versailles!)

We hit the ground running after landing in Paris mid-morning on Friday June 30th. After a quick change at our hotel we were off to our rendezvous at the Château de Versailles at 2pm.

Versailles is not only historically significant in world affairs (the palace was the seat of political power in the France from 1682 to 1789, just before the start of the French Revolution), but also in fashion. Versailles was a major source of inspiration for the designs of Christian Dior and has continued to be for the house’s current designer, Maria Grazia. In fact, the last Haute Joaillerie collection was inspired by the Palace of Versailles!

Dior takes Chrisa Pappas on a grand tour of Versailles, France.

The stunning gardens of Versailles inspired this year’s Dior Haute Joaillerie collection by designer Victoire de Castellane. We were treated to a tour of the gardens with curator Jean Jack—he struck the perfect balance of education and entertainment—and learned how many of Dior’s iconic jewelry pieces grew out of the garden designs and their history. The house of Dior is also the largest supporter of the upkeep and maintenance of Versailles!

Dior takes Chrisa Pappas on a grand tour of Versailles, France.

Le Petit Trianon

We toured the grounds around the main palace and visited Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon. My favorite spot by far, the Petit Trianon is a lovely Rococco-Neoclassical building where the young Marie Antoinette would go to escape the formality of court life and the burden of her royal responsibilities. The view of the Versailles gardens from her windows is très magnifique!

Chrisa Pappas looks out a window in the palace of Versailles.

The tour lasted until 6pm when, in true Paris fashion, the skies opened up and began to rain like crazy! Good thing I was wearing my white Dior fencing boots—a chic, practical choice to tour the gardens that turned out to be even smarter when it started to pour!

I paired the boots with a white lace dress from the Dior Pre-Fall Collection and my new Lady Dior bag that features ivory leather with gold studs. I felt right at home at Versailles—I could spend days there and still discover new things. I can’t wait to go back!

Chrisa Pappas in a white Dior lace dress, Dior fencing boots, and a Lady Dior bag in Versailles.

Come back in a few days to explore Champagne with me! À tout à l’heure! (See you soon!)

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