An Evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

An Evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek


I am so honored and excited that I get to spend an evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek that I arrive about an hour early. I can not wait to get this party started! To see what I did to prepare, check out my previous blog post but for more on the actual event, keep reading

Neiman Marcus Makeup Time…

An Evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek
Before the festivities begin, I get my makeup done by Laura Mercier Neiman Marcus.  I usually do my own makeup but I have to admit it’s such a pleasure to get my makeup done by a pro! I always learn something new about makeup. For example. this time I learned that there’s a new DUO eyelash adhesive that’s enriched with vitamins! Useful and healthy!

Last Minute Neiman Marcus Details…

An Evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

Front and Center – At the Neiman Marcus entrance… Mannequins dressed in looks that were inspired by my Instagram photos! Love how it turned out!

Once my makeup is done it is time to see if the 2 models are ready to go. They are all set and so very sweet and gorgeous! There are a few last-minute adjustments to make to the mannequins I was lucky enough to dress with the Neiman Marcus visual team and then it was time for me to get dressed…

An Evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek Neiman Marcus added the Instagram photo that inspired each look on a stand next to each mannequin throughout the store. SO COOL!!!

Main Street Window

Another super cool Neiman Marcus idea is the look of the front window on Main Street. The mannequins are dressed in outfits inspired by my style and they even write my name/instagram handle on the front window! WOW!!!

An Evening with Neiman Marcus

Dress for Success

I am so excited about my look. I want it to be fashionable but wearable, current but classic, so of course I go with Chanel. I decide on an ivory minidress from the pre-fall 2017 collection that just arrived at Neiman Marcus (one of the only places in northern California to shop Chanel ready-to-wear outside of San Francisco). Unfortunately, the dress is way too short for me! Thankfully I see a skirt that is part of a Chanel skirt suit from the same collection. So I decide to try it under the dress. Voilà! A new outfit that is chic and appropriate.

But we must talk about the boots—they’re hard to miss!  Chanel’s shocking pink suede knee-high boots with satin ribbons that were just slouchy enough to be comfy and had the “wow” factor and pop of color I am looking for.

An Evening with Neiman Marcus

Let’s Discuss over Drinks…

The event begins at 6pm and I am surrounded by lovely Neiman Marcus guests, friends and family (many from my hometown – Thank you!). We talk, we nosh and enjoy our cocktails until it is time to get to business.

Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek’s general manager John Collins and I have a live half-hour Q & A session. We discuss my fashion history, adventures and current obsessions. This is my first time speaking in front of a large crowd regarding fashion. I have to admit it is a little scary but John immediately made me feel so comfortable that it turns out to be so much fun! Especially when it is time for the models to show the 6 looks I put together for the evening. (Check back Wednesday to see these looks and more) The event concludes with more drinks, desserts, mingling and of course a little shopping. What a great night!

An Evening with Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

Thank you Neiman Marcus…

I am incredibly lucky that Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek put such a special event on for me. It is such a beautiful and fun evening. I am so excited to see what the future holds with Neiman Marcus—I will be participating in another event in September as part of their Art of Fashion month! Hope to see you there! And of course, I’m already planning my outfit… 😉

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