Preparing for a Personal Appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

Preparing for a Personal Appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek


Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek hosted an event in my honor this past Wednesday, June 21st. (Just in case you missed all of my elated Instagram posts during the past week…!) But how does one go about actually preparing for a personal appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek?

The team at Neiman’s really pulled out all the stops! They wanted the event to be based on my personal style which they had seen through my Instagram feed. I was able to pick all the looks for the mannequins and models, select the food, drinks and even the décor. Talk about making a girl feel special!

The event was everything I could have hoped for (more on that in the next post), but a fairytale evening like that doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work and lots of planning. As I soon found out…

Planning for Success

First up on the agenda was picking a date for the special soirée. Because Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek is a busy store—and home to one of the only nearby Chanel boutiques outside of San Francisco—and my schedule is notoriously crazy, it was a miracle that we found a date that worked so well for all of us.

Next up: preparing for the event. It’s a monumental effort to put something like this together, from getting the word out to the public to making sure there are enough Neiman Marcus employees on hand to help everything run smoothly (shout out to the Walnut Creek team—you’re all amazing!).

Eye Candy

For the decor of the event, I choose a neon pink and gold color scheme like my office (quelle surprise) and beautiful, neutral arrangements of white flowers to provide a counterpoint to the stunning neon pink accents. (Neiman’s brought in special neon pink carpet and lighting just for me!)

Preparing for a Personal Appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut CreekNow for the fun part… Neiman’s asked me to select 10 looks that the 2 models would be wearing at the event and dress the 12 mannequins throughout the store. They printed signs with my picture on them and they even dressed the mannequins in the window on Main Street with “Chrisa Inspired Looks”. How cool is that!!!

On Tuesday morning, I spent three hours with the store’s visual department. I was lucky enough to walk through Neiman’s and pull whatever pieces caught my eye with their amazing visual team. I was like a kid in a candy store! I wanted to choose pieces that were as current as possible and available in the store to buy during the event, so we had to wait until the absolute last second to pick the clothes. Neiman’s receives shipments of new fashions every day, so you never know what beauties might arrive. (Swoon!)


All finished Preparing for a Personal Appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek!

Want to know what clothes I picked? (Hint: plenty of Chanel…)
Wondering if the event went off without a hitch?
Come back Monday for the low-down on the entire evening at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek!

Preparing for a Personal Appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

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