Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 – My Very Own Street Style – Giambatista Valli

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 – My Very Own Street Style – Giambatista Valli


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

I know what I am going to wear to the Giambatista Valli fashion show at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 even before my invitation arrives 😉

Of course it is the fabulous Giambatista Valli coat I am seriously in love with! If you can’t already tell, I am a big fan of coats. I’m a coat girl, that is for sure.  I am also a purse girl but that is a story for another day. Let’s focus on coats for now. This Giambatista Valli coat just screams “Take me to Paris please!!!”

So we go to Paris together!

It is cold at Paris Fashion Week so fur is a good idea. But it is not too cold, so the strips of lace between the fur makes for an even better idea! It is the perfect combination for the March weather in Paris.

Except for the rain, oh why does there have to be rain!!!

Not heavy rain today, just light sprinkles here and there. But when you are dropped off at the wrong location and you have to make a run for it, even lite sprinkles are not fun!  Thankfully, I have my comfortable Stuart Weitzman grey over the knee boots on. They match the silvery grey lace and fur of my coat perfectly.

Oh wait, they’re suede!

So I try to do my most elegant run/walk. I make it inside the Hotel Potocki, my beautiful coat is not completely soaked and my boots are ok too. Not that I ever took my coat off, but I completed my outfit with grey knit tights, an ivory Giambatista Valli dress with pink flowers and my purple Hermes Kelly Cut clutch.

I sit down in my seat and wait for the show to start. I turn into a people watcher as I catch myself checking out all the beautiful fashions the guests are wearing. Men and women are dressed up in fabulous ad interesting looks from head to toe. They hurriedly try to find their seats.

Then Charlotte Casiraghi walks in. Yes, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter. The whole room stops and stares, including myself.  She is perfect…elegant, cool, and beyond breathtaking.

The show is such an incredible experience!

The beautiful fashions coming down the runway are feminine yet powerful. Adorable mini embroidered berries set on beautiful white lace. I am already trying to do the math on when the line will be available and where I can wear one of the stunning looks.

Once the show is over, I slowly make my way outside along with the other guests only to see the Princess of Saudi Arabia, Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz. She is stunning and before I know it my husband is talking to her. He is explaining how I was mistaken for her the day before during our lunch at Hotel Costes.

I’m shocked he’s talking to her but also a little worried a bodyguard will come out of nowhere and squash my wonderful husband. But, she is so incredibly kind and thoughtful. She stays and talk with us for quite a while! She is so lovely!

My experience at the Giambatista Valli fashion show is one I will never forget, that is for sure!

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