Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 – My Very Own Street Style – Valentino

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 – My Very Own Street Style – Valentino


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017

If you follow my blog, you know that I have been obsessed with the coat I wore to the Valentino Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 show for quite some time. I would visit it in the Valentino store again and again and hope it would come home with me one day.

That day finally came and it was all mine!!! (evil laugh)

So now I have this stunning embroidered coat. I’m all smiles, but what do I wear with it??? My plan is to let the coat do the talking and keep everything else very simple. Instead of going into the Valentino boutique again and looking for something new, I look in my closet. I spy ivory leather fringe. It’s the Valentino ivory mid length leather skirt with a fringe hem I purchased a few months ago from the Resort 2017 collection. Like milk and cookies, these two pieces were made to be together. 😉

The ivory leather fringe peaks out just enough from the bottom of the embroidered coat. Perfect!!! Now all I need is a top…it will not show under my coat but it still needs to be cute because what if I need to take my coat off.

I’ve got it!

My Valentino gold star embroidered tulle t-shirt will add just enough detail without overpowering the look. And when I add my Christian Louboutin Tan Python heels the whole look just comes together.

Possibly my favorite outfit from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 mainly because it was so fun to put together! This confirms my belief in building your closet with pieces you absolutely love. I never buy things I’m not completely in love with. I bought all the items in this look at different times over the last year or so. Never anticipating to put them together as an outfit. I am a firm believer that when your closet is full of things you love, it’s easy to build your own person style…

Being Interviewed for World Fashion Channel

 So happy and excited after the Valentino show with @LMCSTYLE  ♥

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