Paris Fashion Week 2017 – Time to Pack for Paris

Paris Fashion Week 2017 – Time to Pack for Paris


First things first…

What am I going to wear to six of the coolest Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017 shows – Andrew Gn, Valentino, Giambatista Valli, Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Second… how will I pack everything!

Of course Paris Fashion Week Street Style is something I totally love! Seeing everyone dressing up in gorgeous outfits. Fashionista’s coming up with new ways to wear the latest trends. Photographers running around outside of fashion shows trying to capture every detail. It’s so exciting! This is Paris Fashion Week! About a week or two before I leave for Paris I start planning my looks for each show. I put together the latest fashions from the designers of the shows I’ll be attending, while still keeping true to my own style.

But before I can pack, I have a major problem…

Where do I pack all these beautiful unique pieces from these awesome designers? I spend so much time and effort planning out my outfits. I could not possibly pack everything in my old and damaged suitcases that have been collecting dust in my garage for so long. What if it rains and everything gets wet? What if my old suitcase splits open and I find my clothes spread out all across the baggage carousel?

I’m going to Paris Fashion Week 2017 – Time for new suitcases.

This is difficult for me due to two reasons… First, I never buy expensive luggage because I am worried someone at the airport will take something from inside or steal the entire case. Unfortunately, this theory goes out the window when my cheap and ugly suitcase is stolen in Europe last summer.

Second reason… I have always been under the impression that a cheap suitcase is just as good as an expensive one and since it gets banged around so much it will only last so long. So I usually buy the least expensive and I am prepared to use it only a handful of times.

Well, was I wrong…

I spend days online researching which is the best suitcase for my type of travel. I decide to order two 32″ Rimowa Salsa Air from

Huge… YES. Expensive… YES. Worth it… ABSOLUTELY!

The more I used the suitcase on my trip, the more I fell for it. There are so many good things about the Rimowa Salsa Air – it’s super lightweight at only 8.6 pounds, there is plenty of room, the spinning multi-wheel system, integrated TSA zipper lock… I can go on and on!

But my favorite thing is that I am able to pack each outfit on it’s own thin velvet hanger and place it carefully in the suitcase so it will not wrinkle. Once I reach Paris, everything is ready to hang in the hotel closet on it’s very own hanger! So easy! No more unhanging then rehanging on random hotel hangers. Then, once I return home, everything goes quickly back into my closet.

Paris Fashion Week Deciding What to Pack

As for my carryon, I use the Horizon 55 by Louis Vuitton. I really enjoy using it for weekend getaways or other short trips. For my trip to Paris, I decide to pack my computer, purses, and jewelry in it so I will have these items with me at all times.

Paris Fashion Week Deciding What to Pack
All ready for Paris…

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