LV San Francisco & Town and Country host a Louis Vuitton for UNICEF #makeapromise Event

LV San Francisco & Town and Country host a Louis Vuitton for UNICEF #makeapromise Event



Louis Vuitton recently partnered with Unicef in hopes of helping children in urgent need. Around the world Louis Vuitton boutiques hostedclientele and fashion forward thinkers and bloggers alike with the ambition to raise money and awareness for Unicef. I had the good fortune of being invited to the event at the LV San Francisco Boutique. It was really amazing to be apart of such an awesome collaboration.

The cocktail party featured around fifty people, including some Louis Vuitton executives from New York. Everyone was in good spirits and excited to help such an awesome cause. In order to raise money for the issues at hand, Louis Vuitton sold beautiful bracelets and necklaces, where a portion of the proceeds went to Unicef. I went with the bracelet. It goes with just about every outfit and has a very classy pendant lockit attached. The necklace features the same lockit.

The party also featured some of the pieces from the 2017 Cruise Collection that was unveiled in Rio de Jainero. My favorite piece I saw from this event were the combat boots. They are so fun. I find that combat boots can be too intense at times, but the LV combat boots remain classy and versatile for prospective ensembles. In honor of Louis Vuitton, I decided to wear one of my favorite LV dresses, Alaia heels, and to top it off, a Louis Vuitton fringe bag! 

In the end, the event was brilliant and the cause made it even more worthwhile. Thank you Louis Vuitton. #makeapromise

Learn more on Louis Vuitton for Unicef here!

You can purchase the same bracelet and necklace by clicking on the images below! 🙂

Louis Vuitton silver lockit bracelet, sterling silver

Louis Vuitton Silver Lockit Pendant, Sterling Silver










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