San Francisco Ballet Opening Night Gala 2017

San Francisco Ballet Opening Night Gala 2017


Burberry invited me to the San Francisco 2017 Ballet Opening Night Gala. It was such a beautiful and amazing experience.

The day was definitely full of exciting events. I started off by going to the SF Burberry boutique in the morning to have my makeup done.

I have never used Burberry makeup before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it. All of the products were light and velvety. They also smelled delicious!  I have a problem with thick foundations, but the Burberry foundation felt light on my skin while covering up blemishes fully. They have gorgeous colors but my favorite was the gold shimmer cream that can be used all over your face, even on your lips to add touches of highlights. I definitely recommend checking out Burberry makeup!

Next, Burberry sent me to Dry Bar, a hair salon where you get your hair shampooed, conditioned and blown-out or styled! Since I have super short hair, I’m limited to hairstyles and sometime get bored with my hair. Well, it was so much fun to try something new and change it up! I was given champagne and watched Easy A during the entire styling session. I definitely plan on going back in the future considering all the fun I had while there!

Trying to find the right dress to wear was challenging. I wanted to wear Burberry to the Ballet Opening Night Gala but the event is black tie and Burberry doesn’t really make gowns.  I looked on to check out Burberry’s Fall 2016 collection.

It is filled with Edwardian blouses and classic British military jackets, not a lot to choose from in the black tie department.

Then I came across look 76, a knee length gold lace dress styled over a velvet turtleneck dress.

I decided to go with the gold lace dress. But there was only one left and it was in London. After waiting for 2 weeks, it finally arrived the night before the ballet. Thank goodness!!!

I styled it over a long gold shimmery slip I found at Top Shop for $49. I added the Burberry brass studded belt and instantly had a gown! I also added Oscar de La Renta long gold earrings from to add a bit of drama. I think it turned out beautiful and unique!!!

An added benefit is that I can wear the lace dress without the gold slip transforming the gown into a more casual but super cool dress!



Burberry picked me up and we started our night at San Francisco City Hall for the cocktail reception. We then moved to The War Memorial Opera House for the main event…the spectacular ballet!!!



The ballet was a combination of what the 2017 season has to offerballets like Cinderella©, Swan Lake, and Frankenstein—as well as showcasing the amazing abilities of the dancers and musicians.  It was an evening that can only be described as pure magic!!!  It was one of the most beautiful performances I have seen yet. The attire, choreography, music, and emotion of the ballet created such an inspiring display of talent.



Afterwards, we headed back to City Hall for an afterparty filled with drinks, dessert and dancing.


Thank you Burberry for such an amazing experience!

Learn more about the SF Ballet here!

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