Gucci Galore

Gucci Galore

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Gucci galore! This look is definitely a fun one and it is almost one hundred percent Gucci! The white coat goes perfectly with these single striped jeans. Who said jeans couldn’t be classy? Paired with the rose embroidered blouse, the jeans make the look perfect for many occasions. The purse adds some flare to the well groomed look and keeps me feeling fun!

The look comes from the Gucci Fall/Winter 2016 collection. I was lucky enough to purchase the coat in Paris. It is  wearable with a number of looks. Check out the whole collection at! The look is totally accessible to get for less as well. The bottom of the page features some pieces that would create the same look!

More on how to get this look:

Gucci Embroidered Contrast Silk Shirt

Gucci Two Tone Blue & Red Denim Web Stripe Flared Jeans

Gucci Embroidered Riche Stripe Shoulder Bag, Blue/Red








Get the look for less: 

White Overcoat,

Medium Wash Flare Jeans,

Embroidered Blouse,

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