Gucci Trunk Show SF │Spring/Summer 2017

Gucci Trunk Show SF │Spring/Summer 2017


Gucci knows best! I was recently invited to a Gucci trunk show that took place at the Gucci boutique in San Francisco, CA. The event featured Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, and it was definitely worth my while to see such a magnificent collection in person. All the pieces from the collection could be labelled statement pieces and that is something I especially love about this collection and about Gucci altogether. After all, fashion is all about making a statement and expressing yourself!


There were about fifty attendees at the trunk show and all eyes were on the pieces and the special guest who happened to be in attendance: Jayde Fish. Jayde Fish is an illustrator who was found by Alessandro Michele to help add something new to his already beautiful 2017 Spring collection. And that she did. Her illustrations were used in embroidery and as sketches for many of the pieces. It was really incredible being able to meet someone with such an incredible talent. It certainly made viewing the pieces much more interesting.  I was able to view many of the pieces from the show that took place in Milan this past September. The wide variety of pieces spoke to a number of different time periods: the 70s, 80s, and even edgy Renaissance-esque styles. The detailing of each piece is what really fascinates me. Every piece is, without a doubt, its own piece.

I was able to purchase a few of my favorite pieces and what surprised me was how different the pieces resonated with me in person than from what I saw from the original show pictures online. The navy blue coat in the image below looked almost black on the runway. Paired with the overbearing hat, funky tights, and costume earrings, the coat initially seemed impossible to pull off. However, in person, I fell head over heels for the coat which turned out to be navy blue and totally wearable for a number of different occasions. Two of the other items I purchased include the skirt pictured below and another coat that seemed totally unwearable on the model in the original show.


All in all, the collection is really incredible. Being able to view these pieces in person is always so special. I am able to see the intense and beautiful craftsmanship put into each individual piece.

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