Chanel Jewelry Event | Laguna Beach

Chanel Jewelry Event | Laguna Beach


the earrings & the aquamarine ring I am wearing were my favorite pieces from the show! the earrings & the aquamarine ring I am wearing were my favorite pieces from the show!

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a Chanel jewelry event hosted in Laguna Beach. Let me tell you, it was definitely one of the most enjoyable experiences I have gotten to be apart of. Not only was the jewelry exceptional and one of the kind, but the event itself was one of a kind as well.

The showing of the jewelry took place in the Presidential Suite of the Montage Hotel. There were only about thirty people in attendance, which allowed the showing to be intimate and personal, something I am not used to when I attend other fashion events with many people. I was really able to enjoy the jewelry for the jewelry itself. I had the pleasure of spending time looking at the detail of each piece of jewelry. I was even able to try on some of these timeless pieces. The pieces were from the new collection that was shown the previous day at the Ritz in Paris. The new collection is really quite extravagant and different from past collections. Chanel was able to combine colored gemstones and the classic Chanel quilted style to create a truly phenomenal collection. The people of Chanel did a really beautiful job of displaying the jewelry in the most elegant of ways, as well. I felt so lucky to experience the jewelry in this way; so up close and personal.  Chanel even brought in an artist to create art from the cut out of silhouettes, something so simple, yet very pretty.

As I have said, and will say again, the entirety of the event is worth speaking of. I was lucky enough to enjoy cocktails during an absolutely beautiful sunset on the water in Laguna after the showing of the pieces. The event was concluded with a delicious three course private dinner at Studio Restaurant. Fashion really is an art, and every time I am able to be so up close with pieces of fashion, I am reminded of this. The detailing, individuality, and glamour of each piece I saw allowed me to appreciate Chanel jewelry in a different way.

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